where GOD intersects our everyday

AT RCNAZ  we believe we are all {better.together}

We seek for everything we do to be in the context of the relational community. 

We don’t see church as a building you go to – rather, we see ourselves as the church living normal lives with the 

Gospel intentionality.

As Christ's people we live as family in the normal rhythms of life. We try not to add a bunch of extra things to our already busy lives, but instead want to be intentional about bringing Jesus into the everyday ways we are already living.


On Sundays, we gather as a community to study the scriptures and worship God. 

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Faith Promise 2016
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Children's Ministries
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Children's Sunday School
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          @ 9:00am    >>    Sunday School, all ages

          @ 10:30      >>   Morning Worship                   

During the week we gather in small groups to as we study Scripture and learn to apply it to our lives and in our

local context. More details coming soon.


Every 1st Sunday of the month during morning Worship Service, we invite the kids to join in worship and hear a sermon the whole family can enjoy. Coloring pages are provided in the Foyer. All are welcome to join us for Communion at the close of the service.


        @ 11:00am  >>  Adult Bible Study

                   See all Small Groups available...


Worship Team..............................Sunday Worship Group

The Ensemble .............................Men & Women's Chorus

Are you interested in singing or playing music? We welcome you to visit, play or sing praises with us! Practices for the Worship Team are Tuesdays in the Sanctuary from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Please feel free to contact the church office for inquiries about our Worship Team. 


Email our Worship Team or call our office:  worship@rcnazarene.org

See our Bulletin Board page for upcoming events and info...


Interested in volunteering? Contact us below!