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Crisis Care Kits


Memorial Roll and DSA Slide.png
Nazarene Missions International

Memorial Roll

and Distinguished Service Awards

Sunday, May 14th @ 10:30am

Gather with us as we celebrate those who have gone to heaven this last year with our Memorial Roll. We will also be honoring someone who has served God faithfully with the Distinguished Service Award. Funds used to purchase these awards will benefit and go toward our missionary's needs for healthcare.



Stay tuned for Faith Promise Weekend in 2024!


Every year, Nazarene Missions International (NMI) hosts an annual Faith Promise conference to share our yearly mission and goals with the church. Through Faith Promise, as your local NMI, we achieve our missional goals both locally and worldwide. NMI helps to support sharing the message of Christ throughout the world in a variety of ways such as providing for missionaries and their families, encouraging outreach, helping others in times of crisis, etc. (See more Missions Projects below) Locally, NMI functions to help the Body of Christ focus directly on sharing the love of Jesus as we live as the hands and feet of Jesus.


Together, as RCNAZ church, we play a huge part in sharing the Gospel by serving, giving and praying for our missionaries. Please pray and consider making a pledge to NMI this year and help us to change the world through God's love. Thank you for your support and continued prayers.


Donations toward NMI Faith Promise may be given throughout the year. In fact, many givers make a monthly offering to Faith Promise at their own pace.


ONLINE: Click here to give now to NMI Faith Promise ...

Be sure to select "Missions: Faith Promise" under FUND

OFFERING: Please place cash or check donation in the Offering. Be sure to make checks out to "Ridgecrest Church of the Nazarene" and mark "Faith Promise" in the memo. Please place Pledge cards in the Offering box as well. Thank you for your generous heart!

Upcoming Events

Missions of the Month Coming Up Next: 


World Mission Broadcast



Upcoming Local Events:

Please watch for our Missions Moment during morning Worship @ 10:30am. We will be highlighting our Mission of the Month and provide more information.


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) walks alongside local and global Nazarene churches in their efforts to meet the needs of children, families, and communities around the world.


Through your partnership, our local congregations are changing the world. NCM is part of our global effort to meet the needs of those less fortunate and/or are in crisis situations.

See more Nazarene Projects at

Click here to donate online to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries...

Please select "Missions: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries"

under FUND.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
NMI Child Sponsorship.jpg

RCNAZ directly supports Child Sponsorship, a mission of the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Together, we are currently helping to care for the specific needs of children at the Native American Christian Academy. Your donations to NCM Child Sponsorship helps to provide children in need with school lunches, supplies, health care, clothing, gifts on their birthdays and more. Please pray for this mission. Consider making a one time gift or a monthly donation to help make a difference for our sponsor children at the Native American Christian Academy.

NCM believes in the Holistic Child Development model approach which cares for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and relational needs of each child to help them grow into the person God intended them to be, as well as in empowering their families and their communities. To find out more about NCM Child Sponsorship, follow this link...

Click here to give to Child Sponsorship online...

Be sure to select "Missions" under FUND and type "Child Sponsorship" in the note section.


Helping Hands Ministries reaches out to local families and individuals who are our own neighbors, friends, and church members who need support and prayers. We want to lift them up! HHM provides for emergency funds and needs, meals, groceries, helps with utility bills, and provides prescriptions to those in need in our own town. Please call the church office or speak to a pastor  for more information.

Helping Hands now has its own page for local info!

Go there now ...

Click here to donate online to Helping Hands...

Please select "Helping Hands" under FUND




1. MAKE A CRISIS CARE KIT: (It's easy!)

Click here for an item list and instructions...


Crisis Care Kits (CCK) provide much needed relief and hope to people who have experienced a disaster or crisis. The Church of the Nazarene distributes CCK's worldwide as they are needed.  Please click the link above for items needed to make a kit. After you have all items on the list, pack them in a 2-2.5 gallon ziplock bag (We may have 2 gallon zip-lock bags on hand. Just ask!). Turn in your Crisis Care Kit to the church office or collection basket. 

Cash or check donations will also help with the much needed shipping costs of Crisis Care Kits.

2. OFFERING PLATE: place a cash or check donation in Offering Plate on Sunday. Be sure to make checks out to Ridgecrest Church of the Nazarene and mark "Crisis Care Kits" in the memo.

3. ONLINE: Click here to donate now to Crisis Care Kits ...

Be sure to select "Missions under FUND and type "Crisis Care Kits" in the note section.

2023 NMI


Jane Bird

Marie Piatt

Arnold Moline

June Frederickson

Lucille Pinion

Keith Knepper

Delena Messick

Wayne Meeks

Memorial Roll Dedications:

Sam McCain

Karla Pierce

Thank you for your life of faith and service

in Jesus Christ.

Distinguished Service

Award Presentations:



LINKS Family

Loving, Interested Nazarenes Knowing

and Sharing

Every two to three years we adopt a new Nazarene missionary as part of our church family. We send birthday and holiday cards and gifts to let them know we are praying for them and thinking about them all year long.

Please pray for our missionaries, Marcos and Jasmin Eugenio. The Eugenio's are currently serving in the Asia Pacific region.

Click here to donate to our LINKS Missionary fund today...

Be sure to select "Other" under FUND and type "LINKS Missionary" in the note area.

Crisis care kits FB.png


Check out our NMI Mission Books

Missions books are a wonderful collection of true stories written and recorded by actual Nazarene missionaries. You can read them  at your own pace. New editions come out every year! 

Where to get Missions books: New Missions books are available in the NMI book rack in Fellowship Hall (see current list at right). Last year's editions and CDs are still available in the library adjoining to Fellowship Hall. Books are available free to check out in paperback at church or in a variety of digital formats online (see link below for options). You may also order individual and digital books from iTunes, Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  

Please make sure to write your name in the NMI Book Readers log found at the wall rack (check in & out book in Fellowship Hall) as you read or listen to any NMI Missions books in any format. We would like to acknowledge our readers each year at our annual NMI Mission Book Readers Celebration Party! 

Click here for NMI reading books and download options...



Pregnancy Care Center: RCNAZ NMI Missions will give a donation of $50 per month to the Pregnancy Care Center provides medical care and maternal support for expecting mothers, as well as discussing options which honor the life of both born and unborn babies. PCC is in need donations in order to remain free to patients and continue in operation.


Laundry Love: For the month of January in 2022, we helped wash 122 loads of laundry for eight families. Updated info. to come for 2023.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets: There were 50 food boxes that were given out and 10 gift cards to families and individuals in need.

Christmas Child: Of all the empty boxes that were taken, 27 were returned filled and sent!

2021 Nazarene Mission Books.png

NMI Mission Books 2021 Reading List

EuNC On Mission
by Klaus Arnold

Gospel Over the Andes
by Roger Winans
Edited by R. Alfred Swain

The Greening
by R. Franklin Cook
and Steve Weber


Help Wanted General.jpg

Get involved with NMI Nazarene Missions International!


Here is How:  

Want to be involved in our Nazarene Missions International (NMI) projects or our community outreach? You are invited to attend any of our events, meetings or share your support!


Attend a Missions Council Meeting:

We meet once per month to discuss what is going on in NMI.

See contact info below.


What Do Our Missions Volunteers Do? 

Our Missions volunteers share their time and gifts in a variety of collective works such as: 

  • Coordinate efforts within the community and church to make great changes in the world through transformational love and compassion

  • Help with donation receiving, organizing, packing, and shipping items in need to be received at specific destinations 

  • Organizing NMI events, fundraisers and missions trips 

  • Educating the church and local community about our projects and world needs 

  • Provide food or supplies to individuals and families in need

  • Teach, share and disciple others for Jesus

  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus for the sake of others, locally and worldwide

  • Pray for God's purpose and people

Ways to Give to RCNAZ Missions:

1. Pray for NMI Missions:

We can not accomplish God's missions without His help. Please pray for our local and global missions, for our missionaries and those who may receive these blessings.


2. Online:

Click Here... Be sure to select "MISSIONS" and specify your donation destination in the note section (such as WEF or World Mission Broadcast).


3. Offering Box:

Place your gift in the offering box located in the RCNAZ Church foyer.

If you do give a cash or check donation, please make checks payable to the "Ridgecrest Church of the Nazarene." Be sure to write "MISSIONS" or the specific offering name in the memo or note area.


Thanks so much for supporting Nazarene Missions International! With your partnership, we are able to accomplish our purpose in Christ.

Contact RCNAZ NMI: 

Want to get involved? Questions or comments?

Please contact us or call the church office at (760) 375-4433

Terri Davis

NMI President


Learn more about NMI Nazarene Missions International by visiting


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
Faith Promise
Child Sponsorship
Helping Hands Ministries

Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations

NMI Book Readers
RCNAZ Mission Projects
Missions Updates
Ways to Give
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